Uhhh, um.

Breaking of indefinite hiatus? I won’t say so, but…

Well, after giving it some thought, I decided to move blogs instead of continuing this one.
Why? Well…a few reasons.
One of the reasons is because of the quality of the posts in this blog. (quality? what quality?)
Shifting through my archive of posts written about 2 years ago makes me want to vomit and puke at my stupidity and makes me wonder why did I even write those posts.
So basically, my posts from two years ago were really…well, you can go check them out yourself in the archive, but just remember to have a barf bag on hand or something.

Of course, there are also other reasons, such as animanga bloggers whom I used to know already left (actually, most of them actually stopped blogging already), lack of motivation to keep running this blog, lack of interest to keep blogging a certain series (might be because of my recent obsession with BL manga, but that’s another thing) etc.

This doesn’t mean I’ll quit blogging though. (because I have this weird feeling I’ll end up regretting it if I do, somehow)
I’ll just be moving to another blog (but I won’t be deleting this one either, just for archival purposes and all)
…As for the new blog url, I have not decided yet. I’ll soon edit this post though with the new link, yep. (´・ω・`)

[EDIT]: New URL: http://unhappyrefrain.wordpress.com/
Kay bye.


And so.

I don’t know if anybody is even reading this blog , but yeah, this blog is pretty much dead.
However, I won’t be closing down the blog or putting it on a hiatus or anything, since I may come back here to post stuff again. (or just come back here to update all the pretty banners at the sidebar www)
Welp, see you then.

[EDIT]: In short, I just lost interest in blogging. But you can find me at other places on the Internet.


Pa-pa-pah-la, pa-pa-pah-la-pah.

Artist: スオウ@お粗末でした

If you know where the lyrics in the title come from, then it’s obvious what I’m going to post.
Yes, this post is about Panda Hero (not really), that one GUMI song by hachi which has been the top on the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking. but Matroshyka is still better /biased
I’ll just link the original here if you haven’t seen it. (or embed if you don’t have a Nico account)

Since this is the new bandwagon song/hype Okay, maybe the hype have already sort of died down a little, but covers of this song have been popping up everywhere.
So I’m gonna post a few of these covers I like over here.
Now then, onto the Panda Hero spam.
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Happy Birthday Shizuo…

Artist: 野崎つばた

…and Hiroshi Kamiya~♥
Apparently today is Shizuo’s (from Durarara!!) as well as Hiroshi Kamiya’s birthday.
The ironic part? Hiroshi Kamiya is the seiyuu of Izaya. (DUN DUN DUNNNN)
I still find it funny that Izaya’s seiyuu share the same birthdate as Shizuo.

and yes, I know I’ve been really inactive lately. Screw school.
Well, I’m not going to say anything else, so have a mini Shizuo/birthday spam under the cut.
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Kimi ni Todoke S2 Episode 1

Kazehaya why are you so awesome.

Episode 1 as in the real episode 1, not ‘episode 0’, just saying.
Sorry for the lack of updates, school’s been pretty much draining my free time. But I’ve been Tumblr-ing a lot so maybe I’m just lazy.
Short episodic post is short btw.
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Happy New Year 2011!

Artist: ぴん仔@ついったぁ

…Is what I wanted to say but the start of new year means I need to go back to school. Soon. (and I haven’t finished my holiday assignments yet.)
Well, shit. /selframble

It’s 12+ am over here anyway, so.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Especially to the readers/followers/lurkers/people who comment on this blog. You guys are awesome.

And I shall be waiting for the new season of anime to air www

So, things that happened in the past year 2010. (aka self rambling that no one cares about)
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Starry Sky Episode 1

Being a fan of the games (and the absolutely stellar seiyuu cast), I just had to watch this.
I didn’t really expect too much since game adaptations usually suck (look at what happened to Hakuoki ;_;), so yeah, the anime turned out better than I expected. Sorta.

Also, it seems like the anime is going according to the zodiac order, so basically Capricon is first, followed by Aquarius, etc.

Anyway, screencaps + fangirl commentary ahead.

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