Kimi ni Todoke S2 Episode 1

Kazehaya why are you so awesome.

Episode 1 as in the real episode 1, not ‘episode 0’, just saying.
Sorry for the lack of updates, school’s been pretty much draining my free time. But I’ve been Tumblr-ing a lot so maybe I’m just lazy.
Short episodic post is short btw.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and like most other girls, Sawako also has chocolate she wants to give to. Including Kazehaya, of course. But things didn’t turn out in the end… /shortfailsummaryorz

Sawako, please teach me how to cook. Or just make chocolate.

Haha, what's with that face.

And more blushing ensues. (One of the reasons why I love Kimi ni Todoke so much. The innocence hnnggghh)

The tension---

Oh god why. WHY.

You know, I can't actually hate her anymore.

…The ending of this episode was so depressing.
I never read the manga so I didn’t know what would happen, but aaaahhhh this just makes me more hyped for the next episode.
On the other hand, I find Kazehaya & Sawako’s awkward moments cute.
And Kurumi needs to stop interfering with my OTP. (But I can’t exactly hate her though.)

Also, a new challenger appears.

New character~ And he's voiced by Miyano Mamoru--

I have no idea who the new guy is, but I have a feeling he’s gonna be a new rival or something.

Well, I’m just glad that they retained the art style from the first season. Speaking of which, the OP and ED aren’t too bad. I prefer S1’s OP over S2’s, and as for the ED I prefer S2’s.


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