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Kimi ni Todoke S2 Episode 1

Kazehaya why are you so awesome.

Episode 1 as in the real episode 1, not ‘episode 0’, just saying.
Sorry for the lack of updates, school’s been pretty much draining my free time. But I’ve been Tumblr-ing a lot so maybe I’m just lazy.
Short episodic post is short btw.
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Starry Sky Episode 1

Being a fan of the games (and the absolutely stellar seiyuu cast), I just had to watch this.
I didn’t really expect too much since game adaptations usually suck (look at what happened to Hakuoki ;_;), so yeah, the anime turned out better than I expected. Sorta.

Also, it seems like the anime is going according to the zodiac order, so basically Capricon is first, followed by Aquarius, etc.

Anyway, screencaps + fangirl commentary ahead.

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Kuragehime 6

Sorta late (considering that episode 7 already aired), but oh well.
Also, this isn’t an actual episodic post again (just another short rambling one) because I’m lazy to screencap.

Kuranosuke was absolutely adorable in this episode. I love how he gets fustrated when he thinks Tsukimi is cute. Especially the part when he was punching the stall. (and the part when he’s running around with a towel)
So tl;dr, lots of Kura-pyon goodness nomhom. (This makes up for the lack of appearances in the previous episode.)

But the best part of the episode is definitely the part when Shuu pushed the woman away and dashed out of her house. Lmao epic push is epic. Poor guy feels like he’s been raped, although he really isn’t ww. (Oh well, at least I like Shuu better now for that. xD)
As if that wasn’t enough, apparently it turns out that when Shuu was a shota, he saw his dad having an affair another woman. Poor Shuu. D8

..And now I shall go watch the next episode.


Kuragehime 5

Pffft. Oh, Kuranosuke ILU.

A short rambling post since I’m too lazy to do an actual episodic post.

Okay, after this episode, it’s pretty much confirmed that I’m on board the Kuranosuke x Tsukimi ship now. (Because in episode 4, I wasn’t really sure who to ship Tsukimi with: Kuranosuke or Shuu. Since both were so adorable and you can’t help root for them D8)
This episode pretty much proves that Shuu likes Tsukimi only when she’s all pretty with makeup and stuff, while Kuranosuke likes her for who she really is.
Oh well, and here I was thinking there would be a threesome. (Unless Shuu finally stops liking her only for her exterior looks and actually likes her for who she is.)

Anyway, shipping aside. I love how Kuranosuke barges into the apartment and transforms Mayaya into MA☆YA☆YA! and Bamba into BA☆M☆BA!. The only thing I don’t like is that Kuranosuke hardly appears much in this episode, and how one episode feels so short that you want more.

Unrelated to episode: This show might be my favorite airing anime this season, next to Panty and Stocking.


First impressions on Fall Anime 2010 (part 1)

My thoughts on Panty and Stocking, The World God Only Knows and Psychic Detective Yakumo.
Late post is late. Oh well.

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Final thoughts on Kuroshitsuji II

Artist: mg @ Pixiv

Just a little rant on the end of the series.
Fall anime posts will come later after I find screencaps.

[Note: Contains spoilers for those who have not yet watched it till the end.]
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Fall Animu 2010

Visual guide thingy credited to chartfag.

Well, it’s about time for this again.
Is it just me, or does fall (usually) have the best anime?
The selection of anime in fall is much more interesting than the previous seasons, imo.
Anyway, onto teh post~

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