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Happy Birthday Shizuo…

Artist: 野崎つばた

…and Hiroshi Kamiya~♥
Apparently today is Shizuo’s (from Durarara!!) as well as Hiroshi Kamiya’s birthday.
The ironic part? Hiroshi Kamiya is the seiyuu of Izaya. (DUN DUN DUNNNN)
I still find it funny that Izaya’s seiyuu share the same birthdate as Shizuo.

and yes, I know I’ve been really inactive lately. Screw school.
Well, I’m not going to say anything else, so have a mini Shizuo/birthday spam under the cut.
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Angel Beats OST

Artist: あづみ一樹@ついったー @ Pixiv

S-so beautiful ;_;
I had told myself that I should stop posting super short pointless rambling posts, but…this OST is too beautiful, how could I not post about this?
If I had to say anything, Angel Beats’s OST is probably one of the best I’ve heard this year, in my unbiased opinion. (Okay, maybe I might be a little biased in that statement. :/)

Let’s see, where to start….
Well, this album contains pretty much all the soundtracks used in the AB! anime, including the full versions of the OP and ED. (with the exception of GirlDeMo insert songs, which have their own respective album/single.)

Personally, my favorite instrumental/BGM in the OST is ‘theme of SSS’, which is also the same epic insert song used in PV 6~ I also like the more…action-oriented(?) BGM such as ‘transforms to the shadow’, but I think it’s just me cuz’ I prefer the ‘dangerous’ upbeat kinda music. (What am I saying I don’t know even. :/)

Anyway, Jun Maeda and ANANT-GARDE EYES did a great job composing this masterpiece.
Idk how you do it, but go download and listen to the OST now.

Also, before I end this post, a little something extra.

A remix version of ‘theme of SSS’.
Now with more guitar and epicness. Awesomeeee. :3
(No wonder it’s tagged as ‘神BGM’ on NicoVideo.)


Starry Sky in Spring Portable~

Old news is old, considering that the game is already released on the 24th June, but….
Two words: DO WANT.
Because the heroine’s got a FACE in the portable version unlike the PC version where her eyes are always covered convieniently(?) by her hair, thus making her a faceless heroine.
Plus the fact that it has got new CGs + backgrounds included, a brand new opening & ending theme animation as well as the new features added, I seriously want this game.
Sadly it’d be unlikely for it to be shipped overseas….

Here’s the website, if you want.


I’ve been into something recently.

^ What the title said. I’ve been into South Park recently. (Which may explain why I don’t watch anime much too…..)

Note: Contains strong language.
And yes, this is just a short pointless filler post, and I’ll post something soon. =/


Pokemon SoulSilver GET!

Crappy quality, because I don't have a camera.

Yesterday, I went to the second-hand gamestore and got this.
Being a fan of Pokemon videogames (the anime sucks, and the manga is sort of…average), I had to try this out. And so far, I’m enjoying it. (Although I think it might be because I haven’t played a single Pokemon game ever since I completed Platinum a year ago.)

…I don’t think I’ll be posting about my progress in the game, considering I’m a very lazy person.
But I might mention it once in a while.

P.S. As for why I chose SoulSilver over HeartGold, it’s because Lugia > Ho-oh. (Yes, I am biased.)
And I can’t buy both versions even if I wanted to. D:

And now I end my post.

[EDIT] I just realized that my copy of SS came with some Tamagotchi-like thing called a PokeWalker orz
I here I was wondering where did others get their’s…


Electric Angelu~

…I think I have a new favorite song now.
Also, rock version > original version

P.S. Obvious filler post is obvious.


Imitation Black 3? Oh wai-


…Anyway, fangirling aside, natsu-P (the person who brought us Imitation Black & Fate:Rebirth) has brought us another new song, and it has a somewhat ‘traditional’ feel to it. I don’t know lol.
Anyway, go watch it. It is worth listening to even if you don’t like Kaito, Len or Gakupo singing together.

Also, for those who don’t have a NicoVideo account, youtube embed:

…That is all.




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