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Happy New Year 2011!

Artist: ぴん仔@ついったぁ

…Is what I wanted to say but the start of new year means I need to go back to school. Soon. (and I haven’t finished my holiday assignments yet.)
Well, shit. /selframble

It’s 12+ am over here anyway, so.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Especially to the readers/followers/lurkers/people who comment on this blog. You guys are awesome.

And I shall be waiting for the new season of anime to air www

So, things that happened in the past year 2010. (aka self rambling that no one cares about)
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Merri Kurisumasu

So, another Christmas has passed by again.
Since I’m currently not at home and I’m hogging using my cousin’s Interenet connection, I’ll just keep this short and sweet—

Merry Christmas! \^o^/

(While we’re at it, have a cute picture of Aphrodi,Gazelle and Burn, just because.)

The artist’s Pixiv is here.

…Well, that’s all. (I’ll get back to blogging after winter break.) I’ll get back to blogging soon. That is, unless I’m stuck with last minute assignments (again).


Happy Halloween!!

Well, it is 31 October over here, so…

Happy Halloween~!

…Even though I don’t celebrate it orz.

I don’t have any candy, only a whole bunch of pictures. (and videos as well, but I dumped them in my Tumblr rather than here.)

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Obligatory update: I’m not dead yet. D:

I’ve sure gone missing, haven’t I?
Unfotunately, school and Disgaea has pretty much absorbed most of my free time nowadays, which explains the lack of posts for the past two weeks.
But I still lurk around blogs though. (Although I don’t leave comments much)
Also, with Chinese New Year just around the corner as well as a performance (in celebration of CNY) coming up this Friday and all…let’s just say I’ll be pretty occupied with stuff this week as well.
Valentine’s Day? Meh. I’m not doing anything on that day anyway so it’s not really a special occasion for me.

Speaking of anime, I’ve only been catching up on Durarara, Baka Test and Okamikakushi.
Durarara is still awesome. Baka Test isn’t as funny as the first few episodes recently, but it is still one of my top favorites this season. Okamikakushi is getting better by each episode, but it’s still progressing kinda slow to me. (For some unknown reason, I’m thinking Okami is heading towards a bad end, followed by a time reset.)
As for manga…let’s just say that I’ve been reading random one-shots or completed manga, particularly those shoujo and shounen-ai ones.

And Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is awesome.


Happy New Year!

^I know this picture seems unfitting for this post, but I lack celebrating New Year-themed pictures OTLfail

Happy New Year to all! This post is a little late (considering that it’s now 7.47 pm here), but it’s better than never.
Now then, moving on about the past year…
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Obligatory Kurisumasu Post

No need to see this post, this is just an obligatory post for this occasion.
Right now, it is 11.03 pm here as I’m typing orz.
For this year, I didn’t get much presents, only a few Christmas messages from my friends. (But hey, it’s at least better than nothing. After all, it is the thought that counts.:/) Other than that, I pretty much spent the whole day out with my family, at the movies and stuff. Pretty normal.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all!

Now, to end this extremely short post, here’s Jingle Bells featuring Hachune Miku:


Happy (belated) Halloween.


Original picture from here.

Late Halloween post is late.
Maybe it’s because my country doesn’t even celebrate Halloween, and I only realised it was Halloween yesterday after looking viewing the blogs on my blogroll and the tweets on Twitter orz.

But then again, it’s better late than never,so…
Happy belated Halloween~!

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