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Uhhh, um.

Breaking of indefinite hiatus? I won’t say so, but…

Well, after giving it some thought, I decided to move blogs instead of continuing this one.
Why? Well…a few reasons.
One of the reasons is because of the quality of the posts in this blog. (quality? what quality?)
Shifting through my archive of posts written about 2 years ago makes me want to vomit and puke at my stupidity and makes me wonder why did I even write those posts.
So basically, my posts from two years ago were really…well, you can go check them out yourself in the archive, but just remember to have a barf bag on hand or something.

Of course, there are also other reasons, such as animanga bloggers whom I used to know already left (actually, most of them actually stopped blogging already), lack of motivation to keep running this blog, lack of interest to keep blogging a certain series (might be because of my recent obsession with BL manga, but that’s another thing) etc.

This doesn’t mean I’ll quit blogging though. (because I have this weird feeling I’ll end up regretting it if I do, somehow)
I’ll just be moving to another blog (but I won’t be deleting this one either, just for archival purposes and all)
…As for the new blog url, I have not decided yet. I’ll soon edit this post though with the new link, yep. (´・ω・`)

[EDIT]: New URL:
Kay bye.


And so.

I don’t know if anybody is even reading this blog , but yeah, this blog is pretty much dead.
However, I won’t be closing down the blog or putting it on a hiatus or anything, since I may come back here to post stuff again. (or just come back here to update all the pretty banners at the sidebar www)
Welp, see you then.

[EDIT]: In short, I just lost interest in blogging. But you can find me at other places on the Internet.


I fail at blogging.

Title says it all. I fail at blogging.
But I’m not dead yet.

I’ll post stuff when I get around to it.

Also, Kuragehime is awesome. I might consider blogging it weekly…that is, if my laziness doesn’t overcome me again.



Like the title says, I’m back.

I’ll be posting my first impressions on some of the Fall Animu soon…if I don’t get lazy.

Anyway, a random video:
(Because Soraru is love.)


Taking a break.

…Yes, I’m taking on a break/going on a hiatus for awhile. (Although I’m pretty sure that we all knew that already since I’ve been inactive for so long.)

One reason for going on a hiatus is because of my upcoming final exams, and another is because I haven’t been watching much anime lately. Most of my free time nowadays is spent either by reading manga or just playing videogames such as Persona and Pop’n Music. (Yes, I’m lame.)

But I will be back probably sometime in late October or early November. (And by then, most of the fall season anime would have aired quite a few episodes already…)

Meanwhile, you can find me at Tumblr, where I’ll post random crap.

…And to make this post less empty, here’s random picture.

Believe it or not, I’m still into DRRR!, just not as much as before.


Requirements of Shoujo…

Scan taken from

…Written by me, out of boredom.
Basically, the requirements of what I would call a good shoujo manga…sort of.

Continue reading ‘Requirements of Shoujo…’


Miku concert & BRS anime project

The video looks like it’s ripped off Nicovideo.

Gawd, how I wish I had went to that concert.
I’d pay to see Miku singing on stage, even though I know it’s just a computerized image of somesort.
The upcoming BRS anime also looks interesting.

Still lacking ideas on what to post OTL
I’ll probably post something tomorrow.




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