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Pa-pa-pah-la, pa-pa-pah-la-pah.

Artist: スオウ@お粗末でした

If you know where the lyrics in the title come from, then it’s obvious what I’m going to post.
Yes, this post is about Panda Hero (not really), that one GUMI song by hachi which has been the top on the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking. but Matroshyka is still better /biased
I’ll just link the original here if you haven’t seen it. (or embed if you don’t have a Nico account)

Since this is the new bandwagon song/hype Okay, maybe the hype have already sort of died down a little, but covers of this song have been popping up everywhere.
So I’m gonna post a few of these covers I like over here.
Now then, onto the Panda Hero spam.
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So many Mozaik Role covers, oh mai.

Artist: かなみ @ Pixiv

Just a week after DECO*27’s newest song came out, a lot of covers have been popping up. (Yesh, it is the current bandwagon song~)
So in this post, I’ll just link a bunch which I actually like….ww
And FYI, ‘Mozaik Role’ is the official romanization of the song according to DECO*27. (Initially I thought it’s “Mosaic Roll” too…)

Anyway, onto the Mozaik Role matsuri~ /shot

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…Well, I WAS bored.

As you all know, Vocaloids are mainly used to produce Japanese songs. But what about English songs?
In this post, I’ll be posting a few English vocaloid songs, as well as english fandubs.

【巡音ルカ】 Crimson Camellia 【オリジナル】

This song is totally in Engrish. Despite the fact that Luka is programmed to sing both Japanese and English, I can only make out a few words of what she’s singing, lol. (Luckily, the PV includes the lyrics.)
Other than the hardly recognizable Engrish, the music is pretty good.
Also, while you’re at it, check out Mitsumushi’s cover of this song. It has slightly better Engrish pronouncation than the original, in my opinion.

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